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2023 Trends

Another year flew by and 2023 is here! If you need a little motivation or just a dose of inspiration to start the new year right, we’ve put together some tips on how to organize and spruce up your home, as well as how to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Plus, tips for prioritizing self-care to make 2023 the best year yet.

It's time to really start dressin'

Suffering for the sake of fashion is finally not in style this winter. ❄️ Enough with thin coats and not wearing a hat so you don't ruin your hairstyle. Sad girl autumn 🍂 and sad girl winter ☃️ trends are all about comfortable and warm clothes that are cozy but still stylish. The phrase sad girl is mainly derived from the longing for the warmer months and the end of another year. It is also associated with burning candles, drinking warm tea, and listening to Taylor Swift, who started the trend with the release of the Sad Girl Autumn version of her song All Too Well. 🎵

Source: Pinterest


In keeping with this trend, the whole internet, especially TikTok, was flooded with balaclavas. Balaclava can be described as a knitted hood that covers the neck and head, or even part of the face like a ski mask. Not only can you buy one in just about any store, but there have also been many tutorials on how to create one using just a scarf (see the tutorial below). 

Fashion filled with dopamine

On the other hand, there is also the "dopamine dressing" trend, which aims to dress in a way that makes us feel happy all day long. 💛🧡💜 Naturally, outfits in bright colors are popular, but dopamine fashion means something different to everyone. The key is not to hold yourself to the many standards of style and elegance, but simply fill your wardrobe with fun pieces that make you happy.

Dopamine decor

You can add dopamine and happiness to your home this year using "dopamine decor.” 🖼 It may be small, colorful accessories that brighten up a minimalist and neutral home (like colorful photo wall art), 📸 but also big pieces that transform a home, like a new sofa. 🛋 Pastels are the most popular, but as with dopamine fashion, you can choose anything that will make you feel happy every time you walk by.

Source: @saraheartmann

Color of the year—Viva magenta

If you decide to incorporate bright colors into your wardrobe, be sure to check out this year's color of the year, Viva magenta. It's pink with a hint of red, and has been voted color of the year by the world-renowned Pantone. 🎨 We can now expect home accessories, clothing, and other pieces to appear in this color. We recommend incorporating Viva magenta into your photo printing too. 📸 At Squared.one you can add different colored frames to retro photos and classic photo formats. Viva Magenta is sure to match a lot of photos.

An organized home above all else

A beautifully tidy home with no clutter will always be in style. 🧼 Whether you're planning to add a new colorful accessory to your home, or a few pieces to your wardrobe, it's always great to start by organizing your home so you don't needlessly hold on to things you no longer need. Sort through your wardrobe, 👗 kitchen, bookshelf, 📚 and also your digital space—get rid of unimportant files, delete, and back up your photos. 📸 And don't forget a new diary and photo calendar. 🗓 You can choose a decorative calendar with one photo for each month, or a weekly planning calendar with space for jotting down events and appointments.

The year 2022 in photos

While organizing, don't forget to print some photos. We all take photos on our phones and just let the photos sit without coming back to them. Because the beginning of the year is a great time to try new hobbies, try scrapbooking 📒 Physical photos and shooting with film are back in style, so preserve all your photos in a scrapbook 📸 All you need is a photo album, photo mounting corners, printed photos, and various decorations.

You can create a 2022 recap, a baby photo album, 👶 or a wedding photo album. 💍 Scrapbooking is a great way to decorate, plus the result will be a beautiful memory that makes it easy to remember all life’s beautiful moments. If you already have albums and photos at home, January is the perfect time to finish up old projects.

Hack your health

Have you heard of the term bio-hacking? It's a term that's been around for a few years that includes a set of small changes and a few products that aim to improve your quality of life. 🧖 With these "hacks," you can improve your mental health, physical fitness, 💪 productivity, sleep, and boost your immunity. For example, try cold showers, 🚿 cut out sugary drinks, meditate, 🧘‍♂️ or eat superfoods. There are also many bio-hacking techniques to choose from that make taking care of your health much easier. Like the Oura Ring, which monitors your sleep, the Sensate gadget, which helps reduce stress, or the Ava bracelet, which alerts women to fertile days during their cycle.

Being kind to yourself and the planet

This year's mild winter is just one reminder of global warming. So, in addition to taking care of ourselves and our health, we should also make it a point to take care of our planet. 🌍 Every little act counts—recycling, composting, shopping at packaging-free stores, etc. At Squared.one, we make all our photo packaging from deadstock material so that no paper ends up in the trash. 🗑 Many other brands are also joining the green mainstream, and this will only increase in 2023. For example, many technologies are emerging that charge using sunlight, making them not only planet-friendly but also friendly to your electricity bill.

Photos belong on paper

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