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Creative art forms, fantasy worlds, authenticity, real people and raw photos. Contradictions. Every year brings new inspirations and trends. We put together this comprehensive list of trends that will be ruling (or they already are) the visual world this year - according to the biggest companies in the game. If you want to keep your work or Instagram fashionable and up-to-the-minute, then this article is for you.

1. Silence and Solitude (landscapes and quiet moments)
2. The Fluid Self (creative selfies, identity)
3. Multilocalism (cultural experiences and global consciousness)
4. Creative Reality (fantasy worlds and human imagination)
5. History and Memory (drawing inspiration from classic art)
6. Touch and Tactility (real-world interactions)

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  1. Second renaissance (contemporary images informed by art history)
  2. Conceptual realism (authenticity and realist style)
  3. Masculinity Undone (destructing male stereotypes)


  1. Fantasy (magical landscapes and fantasy styles)
  2. New Minimalism (neon lights, added texture and concentrated color)
  3. Space (sci-fi and cosmic movies)
  4. Natural Luxury (marbles and luxe stones)
  5. Punchy Pastels (rebellious schemes and sweet candy colors)
  6. A Global March (battle for equality)
  7. Cactus (🌵)
  8. Digital Crafts (old art forms and fabric-centric crafts)
  9. Ancient Geometric (patterns and design elements)
  10. Cryptocurrency
  11. Holographic Foil (glitzy 80s)
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1. Impact Photography (truthful reporting and raising awareness)
2. Perfect Strangers (ordinary and real people)
3. Artistic Expression through Travels (people in context with nature and van life)
4. Deadpan Photography (unfiltered and raw photos)
5. Video (feel "in the moment")
6. Motion (a new form for graphics)
7. Blurred Lines of Reality
8. Creative Collages (image combinations and effects)
9. Brave Color Choices and Effects
10. Accept Me for Who I Am (challenging stereotypes)

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Source of images: Unsplash

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