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Paper Photo Album Scrapbook

Create a beautiful keepsake for your memories with a scrapbook photo album. This paper photo album includes 42 pages that you can fill with your favorite printed photos of any format as it is a blank photo album. Enjoy a creative moment and create a photo album for your family or as a gift for someone special.

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Natural Photo Album
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Description of photo scrapbook album


  • The album with black pages is handmade from solid black cardboard
  • The beige and pink photo album has a reinforced cover compared to the black one
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Modern photo album in various colors

Which color of photo album do you prefer? A classic beige, pink or black album with black pages. Choose a scrapbook photo album that fits your vibe.

Arrange photos to your liking

You can attach photos to the photo album however you like as it is an empty photo album, meaning no designated slots for photos. You can use photo mounting corners, washi tapes or glue tape. Each photo album page can fit 4 smaller photos (3.25×4" or small polaroids) or two larger ones (4×6").

Get all scrapbooking supplies at once

Are you a scrapbooking beginner and have no supplies at home? Get our photo album set for scrapbooking and receive a photo scrapbook album, gift card for printing photos, photo mounting corners, washi tape and a gel pen to write captions.

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Capturing your baby’s first year – every milestone and beautiful memory – in a baby album. Wondering what to document in a baby photo album and how to make a scrapbook? We’ve created a list for you and added some tips for what you shouldn’t be missing from any baby's first album.

Travel Scrapbook

It's easy to forget all the little details when on the road. And when you return home, it can be even harder to remember all the good times you had while traveling. That's why keeping a travel scrapbook is a great idea. Preserve memories from all your adventures so you can relive them whenever you want. We've put together a guide and ideas for travel scrapbooking.

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