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Design a 2023 Photo Book

Another year has come and gone and January is here again. Last year was filled with many experiences, both good and bad. We have learned from the bad ones and want to remember the good ones forever. If you are one of those people who is always snapping pictures with your phone or camera on every holiday, trip, or time spent with friends and family, a photo book recording the last year is just the thing for you. We've prepared plenty of inspiration and tips for you.

Your life’s diary

Don't feel like creating a photo book for each event (like a travel photo book from the holiday)? A 2023 photo book allows you to record all the important events that happened over the past year, plus the little everyday moments you want to remember. 📚 And if you make these photo books regularly, they will serve as a chronicle of all the best memories over the years.

What to include

The photos you include in your photo book are completely up to you. You can focus on big events, like a great summer vacation, ☀️ a friend's wedding, 💒 important milestones in your children's lives, an anniversary, or a promotion at work. But everyday moments like a coffee with a friend, ☕️ a walk with your family, or a quiet Sunday spent at home deserve their place too.

As for the photos themselves, choose photos with sufficient quality. Don't stress, photos from most phones will do, but if the photo’s resolution is too low, our editor will let you know. Check if your photos are too dark or overexposed. If so, edit the photos in a photo editing app before adding them to the photo book.

How to arrange photos in the book

We recommend you arrange the photos in the photo book chronologically so you can find your way around them in a few years. 📚 The rest is up to you. You can tell the story of the last year based on the months and always choose the most important photos, or you can describe one event per page. 📸 Our photo books start with 20 pages by default, but you can add up to 120. So there's plenty of space.✅

Which photo book to choose

You can choose from four types of photo books on Squared.one. The first looks like a photo notebook, with a soft cover and pages, and is our most affordable. The classic photo book has thin pages and a cardboard cover. You can arrange your photos and captions in the book using several templates and add a photo to the cover.

Our sturdy-cover photo books are truly luxurious. You can choose between a cardboard cover photo book and a hardcover photo book. All pages are also thick, so there is no folding of photos at the seam and you can add large panoramic photos. Plus, the sturdy pages and cover ensure that the photo book will last forever.

How to create a photo book

Creating one of our photo books is simple. Upload photos from your computer, mobile phone, or Instagram, and create the entire photo book in our online editor. You have several templates to choose from so each page can be completely different. We've put together all the tips in our How To Make the Best Photo Book article.

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