Polaroid Pictures Are Timeless

Are you dreaming about that beautiful polaroid style pictures that can be hung on the wall or kept in a memory album but you don't have the cash to buy the fancy insta camera? Here's how you can get polaroid pictures easily and for next to nothing.

September 11, 2017

With Squared.one you can print polaroid style pictures online and have them delivered anywhere in the world. You can choose pictures from your Instagram, mobile or desktop.

TIP: If you want to print pictures from a special occasion, tell all your guests to use a specific hashtag so you can later collect all these pictures, download them and print them. This method is great especially during weddings, proms or birthday parties.

Moments that matter.

Polaroid camera is an investment. So instead of buying all this pricey gear and expensive films (again and again) – why not to turn your regular prints into polaroids quickly, budget-friendly and in the comfort of your home?

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